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Due to Covid-19 restrictions, our entire office is working from remote locations. We will respond as quickly as we can, but there may be a delay. We request that all written communication be sent electronically, rather than through physical mail. Thank you for understanding.

Health and Safety measures for the in-person visits are implemented. We enforce social distancing, masks, sanitizing between customers, contactless payments, and symptom checks.

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Electronic Service of Documents is preferable by the Courts and County Agencies. The Courts encourage remote appearances.

Documents usually served through mail or fax now can be emailed to the Courts and e-filed.

Virtual hearings at the Courts are held via Microsoft Teams. You must have the ability to appear via Microsoft Teams and or LACourtConnect.


We screen all of our calls and implement an intake process that may take a couple of days to complete. Please be patient as we have to make sure that we are the right firm for your needs. When you reach out to us, we will ask you several personal questions about your financial situation, disability status, demographics, marital status, living situation, and legal problem that needs resolving.

We decide whether we can help you based on the information that you provide to us. If we can't accommodate your needs at our firm, we will provide appropriate referrals. If we can help with your legal matter, we will reach out to you to schedule an appointment to obtain additional information, a written retainer agreement, and discuss any other information pertinent to your legal problem.

Transmission of the information is not intended to create, and receipt does not create an attorney-client relationship without an actual signed retainer agreement. We will email you a retainer agreement once we determine that you are eligible for our services. We will only accept your case if you sign and email back the retainer agreement along with the requested documents and retainer fees.

If you feel that we are not a good fit, please contact any other agency or Lawyer Referral Services. Please look under our "Resources" page for additional information, websites, and phone numbers. We don't endorse any of the agencies provided under the Resource page. It is information only.


We practice medical malpractice, injury, elder abuse/negligence, family law, and consumer protection. The rate is determined based on the household income and complexity of your case. You must provide all of the requested information and documents in order for us to accept your case.

Please understand that we have limited capacity to take on the matters. We might not be able to help you even if you qualify for our services.


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