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We can assist with Modest Means Divorce, Restraining Orders, Spousal Abuse, Adoptions, Guardianships, Paternity, Domestic Disputes, Child Custody, and visitation, Child Support, Enforcement & Modification to a divorce agreement, Division of Marital Property, and Mediation that leads to the settlement rather than a court trial. The goal is to obtain the best possible outcome at the lowest possible cost.

Our Modest Means Program offers limited scope, modified means legal services, advice, and a full-scope representation. Please call or email us with your legal needs or a problem. We offer sliding scale payment arrangements, credit card payments, hourly, or flat fees based on household income and the complexity of your case. Please understand that we have a limited capacity to take on the matters.

We offer Unbundled Legal Services and Limited Scope Representation. We believe that by offering unbundled services we can provide an affordable way to gain legal advice from a lawyer without a client having to pay for a full representation. Our unbundled program allows the client to spend money more effectively by handling most of the time-consuming matters themselves. The client can rely on us to guide them through some of the more difficult aspects of the family law, divorce, or child custody matter. We can charge flat fees that range between $500-$2000 for some of the legal services such as consultations, document reviews, document preparation, or limited scope representation. We generally charge hourly rates for more complex consultation, document review of the existing document, or investigations, legal research, and appearance at the hearings.


Although limited scope representation has been most common in family law, it can be useful in general business representation, landlord-tenant, small claims assistance, homeowner's rights, administrative proceedings, consumer and insurance disputes, and other types of civil litigation. Legal services performed on a limited scope basis include, e.g., providing legal advice, assistance with procedures, preparing or reviewing documents, coaching a client to appear in court, negotiating on behalf of a client who will make all court appearances him- or herself, assisting with the collection and organization of exhibits, scripting testimony, research and drafting briefs, or making a limited court appearance (either for a hearing or at a settlement conference)

Before you start your family law matter, it is important to talk to an attorney about the risks and benefits of each decision. We can help you develop the right strategy for your needs and evaluate the strength and weaknesses of your case. We can help you develop an alternative resolution of your case and save you money in the long run.

Please call if you have to prepare documents for filing, answer a complaint, file a motion, prepare discovery, interrogatories, requests for admissions, requests for production of documents, disclosures, depositions, and more.

Please call if you need help with factual investigations or research and analysis. We can help on a needed basis, under limited scope representation, or you can retain us to be your attorney of record.

We can do as little as you need or provide a full representation. The choice is yours. Please call today and speak to a compassionate competent attorney. Review the attorney profile here


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Unbundling. Limited scope representation (sometimes called "unbundling") is a "relationship between an attorney and a person seeking legal services in which they have agreed that the scope of the legal services will be limited to specific tasks that the attorney will perform for the person." Cal Rules of Ct 3.35(a). In limited scope representation, the attorney and the client agree on which specific tasks each will perform, which tasks will be within the scope of the representation, and that the client represents him- or herself as to services that the attorney does not agree to provide. The attorney may or may not act as "coach" to the client in connection with the issues and tasks that are outside the scope of the attorney's responsibility. Less commonly, the attorney and client agree that the attorney will handle one or more discrete issues from start to finish and the client will assume responsibility for the other issues.


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